Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zipcar Low Car Diet

I won!!! I can't remember another time that I won something by just entering. I applied to be a part of the zipcar low car diet and I am one of 30 people who they chose. This means I am supposed to give up my car (which I don't even have) for a month and go car free. I said - no problem, I don't even have a car! So, I just get the benefits. Among other things: 1 year free membership for zipcar, $250 of credit to zipcar, $50 for the T (the subway in Boston for those who don't know), $25 to Whole Foods, 1 ticket to New England Revolution (professional soccer in Boston), case of Vitamin Water, t-shirt, water bottles, and more.

Today there was a press conference for the start of the 30 days. The Mayor was there : )
Click here for a video from the news.

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Mom said...

Congratulations! What a fun surprise!