Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whale Watching

We went whale watching today with some friends up North in Gloucester, MA (pronounced GLAH-stur). I honestly was not expecting to see anything, and at the very most to see a spurt of water from their air hole. However, we came upon a group of 4 humpback whales that were breaching (jumping in the air) and slapping their fins on the water. As we got closer they stopped doing this, but we were able to watch them swim and fluke their tails for about 45 minutes. It was amazing! I highly recommend going whale watching (however we did get it for half price, so it was even more worth it).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tim Buys - the famous one

Todd's brother Tim, has recently had his 5 minutes of fame on many local websites and TV stations. interviewed him about how he recently found his new job at an accounting firm in Springfield, IL using google maps. See the article here:

Since then his story was featured on West Michigan's WoodTV8 News, and it has made it to 10 other websites. What a celebrity - congrats Tim.

Boston Friends

We were at a party for one of our friends in Boston last night, and it dawned on me how I am surrounded by incredibly intelligent and inspiring friends (including my amazing husband) who are doing great things. Here is a small sampling of what they do (which I will no doubt be simplifying):
  • Genetic research on Cancer
  • DNA research (very specific and groundbreaking, but honestly I didn't understand much of what he was saying)
  • Clean Coal Energy - creates energy from coal with NO pollution and does not use water
  • Many important public health issues - including sexually trafficking of women, where she is traveling to Nicaragua and Costa Rica for 4 weeks to research this topic
  • Finance investments
  • Real Estate investments
  • Design engineer
  • Social work
  • Lawyer
  • Endodontist
  • And then me - the high school math teacher
Yet, they still know how to have a good time!!

Bunker Hill Bike Ride

We went on a bike ride today with some friends to the Bunker Hill monument in Chalestown (just north of the city across the Charles River). Todd and I have not explored this area of town but now that we have more time on our hands, so it was fun to ride along the Charles River, see the beautiful skyline of Boston and enjoy the amazing weather!
When we got to the monument we climbed the 249 twisty stairs to the top to see a great view of Boston.
Then we finished the afternoon off by sharing a smoothie - yum!