Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photo Shoot

The Zipcar saga continues. I am now part of a photo shoot for Fortune Magazine with Zipcar on Monday. They say the photo shoot could last 2 or more hours - good thing I am not working now. I get more free credit for Zipcar, another free t-shirt and of course, my picture in Fortune. Who would have thought? I will keep up posted on how it goes.

Tim - not quite my own news story on, but Fortune Magaizine is one of the contributors to - I am getting close ; )

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exciting Plans!!!

The next few months are full of exciting plans. It is a great time to be living in the Boston area! Below is a summary of our upcoming events.

  • This weekend we are traveling to Nantucket to visit a friend from work.
  • Aug 21 My parents are coming to visit for a long weekend and we are traveling to Newport, RI
  • The last weekend in Aug we are going to friend's cottage (they call it a camp here - very strange) on a lake in Maine with 4 other couples.
  • Labor Day weekend we are camping for a night with friends on one of the Harbor Islands.
  • Sept 18-21 Todd found us a great deal for a three night stay and flights for $70 a person to Washington DC - going with Bekah and Mitch.
  • Sept 28 my sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit and we have tickets to a Red Sox game with standing room tickets on the Green Monster
  • Thanksgiving we are possibly going to the Macys Day Parade in NYC
  • Going home for Christmas!!
  • Then no big plans until next July when our good friends are getting married in Ecuador - a wonderful reason to take a vacation!

A Great Boston Weekend!

This past weekend was full of great times with friends in Boston. Friday night was our first Red Sox game at Fenway with our friends Bekah, Mitch, Katelyn and Adam! They played the Oriels and won 3-1. We had standing room only tickets. I thought this would be lots of people and we would not be able to see or move. However, we had plently of room with two high top tables to lean against and a good view from the Third base. Although my feet did get quite sore, it was a much more social event. Our next game is standing room on the Green Monster! This is to fulfill one of my brother-in-laws dreams, hopefully it will live up to the hype.

The next night was the Beach Boys concert on the Charles River at the hatch. The oldies station puts on a few free concerts throughout the Summer. This one was full of good music, including John Stamos (aka Uncle Jessie from Full House) as the drummer. We had a great picnic before the music started with homemade pulled pork and key lime pie (thanks Mitch and Bekah), homemade coleslaw (thanks Dan and Laura) and tons of other great food. Then we danced the night away for almost 2 hours.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zipcar Low Car Diet

I won!!! I can't remember another time that I won something by just entering. I applied to be a part of the zipcar low car diet and I am one of 30 people who they chose. This means I am supposed to give up my car (which I don't even have) for a month and go car free. I said - no problem, I don't even have a car! So, I just get the benefits. Among other things: 1 year free membership for zipcar, $250 of credit to zipcar, $50 for the T (the subway in Boston for those who don't know), $25 to Whole Foods, 1 ticket to New England Revolution (professional soccer in Boston), case of Vitamin Water, t-shirt, water bottles, and more.

Today there was a press conference for the start of the 30 days. The Mayor was there : )
Click here for a video from the news.