Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Great Boston Weekend!

This past weekend was full of great times with friends in Boston. Friday night was our first Red Sox game at Fenway with our friends Bekah, Mitch, Katelyn and Adam! They played the Oriels and won 3-1. We had standing room only tickets. I thought this would be lots of people and we would not be able to see or move. However, we had plently of room with two high top tables to lean against and a good view from the Third base. Although my feet did get quite sore, it was a much more social event. Our next game is standing room on the Green Monster! This is to fulfill one of my brother-in-laws dreams, hopefully it will live up to the hype.

The next night was the Beach Boys concert on the Charles River at the hatch. The oldies station puts on a few free concerts throughout the Summer. This one was full of good music, including John Stamos (aka Uncle Jessie from Full House) as the drummer. We had a great picnic before the music started with homemade pulled pork and key lime pie (thanks Mitch and Bekah), homemade coleslaw (thanks Dan and Laura) and tons of other great food. Then we danced the night away for almost 2 hours.

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