Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Saturday night Todd and I went to Providence, RI with 3 other couples from the church we have been going to (Park Street Church). The night was quite an adventure....

First, two of the couples had to run for about 10 min. to catch the train we took to Providence.

Once in Providence, someone needed to find a Walgreens - this started a walk through the shady part of Providence that took about an hour. The picture is the parking lot we were trying to cut through - no such luck, barbed wire!

Then we stopped at a shop for gelato. While waiting, another customer began to have some kind of medical emergency (I think a stroke, but I am definitely not an expert). Needless to say he was taken away by an ambulance.

Then, the whole reason we went to Providence - Waterfire! Every Saturday during the summer they fill these "sculptures" that are in the water with mini bonfires - hence the name "Waterfire". There are about 100 of these bonfires lit down the river. They play music, have street vendors, and much more. You can also pay a lot of money and take a gondola ride through the bonfires - it looked like fun, but way out of our price range.

Next we walked along the river and found some salsa dancing, elephant ears and other goodies. On our walk we encountered the most interesting part of the night - a man wearing very little clothing atop a metal stand swinging rope with fire at the end. The swinging fire let off sparks everywhere. It was very cool, but so random. I really wish I had a picture.

All in all, the night was a very fun adventure. We all went to Providence not knowing what to expect and ended up having a really great time experiencing something from the East coast and becoming better friends.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our New Home

We have moved in and are pretty much unpacked in our new home. We are living right downtown Boston in a high rise next to the Old State House and Faneuil Hall (if you are familiar with Boston). It is not a very big place, but we are enjoying the location. We were able to get rid of our car - which is quite liberating, not having to worry about parking, gas, insurance, etc. Todd walks to work and I take the train. The only issue so far is groceries - the closest one is .4 mi away and that is a Whole Foods, so if we want decently priced food, there is an issue. We actually rode our bikes to the a grocery store and rode back through downtown Boston with bags of groceries on our handle bars (I wish I had a picture of that for you :).