Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Been Too Long

So, it's been way too long since I last posted anything. A lot has happened in that time. This post is a quick summary of an eventful few months in Boston. Todd and I are really growing to enjoy our time in Boston. We have met some great friends and had some really fun times.

First, my parents came to visit in October. We took a trip up the coast to Portland, Maine. We stopped along the way to shop at an outlet mall (of course), visit some lighthouses, and explore some cute towns on the ocean. We also went out to Peaks Island, an island off the coast of Portland. It is a cute little island that is really busy during the summer, but was beautifully quiet during the fall.

Next was Halloween. I am usually not very excited about halloween, but this year the entire Math department at my high school dressed up as the track team from the movie "Juno". Not only did we dress up, but we ran around the school during both lunch periods. We ran through the halls, classrooms, the quad and the cafeteria. The students in the cafeteria cheered for us! It was great. Now we just have to top that for next year (if you have any good ideas let me know!). By the way, the shirts were hand painted by every teacher.

We have also gone to the Christmas tree lighting of the largest tree in New England (which also happens to be about 2 blocks from out place), go kart racing where we had to wear a full suit and helmet, and we went home for Thanksgiving and got stuck in a winter storm and couldn't get back to Boston until Tuesday. Todd also studied like crazy for the CFA exam and then took it last weekend.