Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well, I never thought that I would become a blogger, but when you move to a new city miles away, you want to keep connected - thus the title of the blog ;) I hope that this blog with help you keep connected with me and vice versa.

Todd and I just got back from an amazing 16 day vacation in Brazil! I will be posting a lot of pictures and video slowly, so check back often. We have also just settled in our new city of Boston. Todd started his new job Monday and I am preparing my teaching materials for the start of the school year in September - more to come on both those topics I am sure.

Thanks for reading!

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Melissa Hawkins said...

WOW!!! That looks like so much fun!!
I will do my best to check in often. I miss you guys...

So much is going on. And I don't have weekly debriefing sessions with you anymore to work them out...
My director passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly last week. So that's been terrible. Eric is trying desperately to find a different job. He put in his two week's notice, so please pray that this wasn't a gamble...:)
I hope you guys are doing wonderfully!!!!!